Target vegan yogurt section!
Plant-Based Diet

What I Keep Stocked in my Plant-Based Pantry

Someone in my comments on Instagram asked a really good question! They said "whenever I go to the store I get bread, milk, and eggs. What is the equivalent that you keep stocked at all times?" I do love bread, but I don't think it would be helpful for me to just list bread, milk,… Continue reading What I Keep Stocked in my Plant-Based Pantry

Plant-Based Diet

My Favorite Vegan Alternatives

I tried all the vegan meat and dairy alternatives at the store so you wouldn't have to, here they are! Rounded up by categories, if you care about some over others. Best Vegan Meat Options Okay I’ll be honest, most of the fake meat I’ve tried has been pretty good!  Beyond meat is great, and… Continue reading My Favorite Vegan Alternatives