About Me

My name is Lottie, and I’m documenting my journey to lowering my impact on the planet, supporting more ethical businesses, and advocating for my BFF, Mother Nature. Thanks for joining me!

I was fortunate to learn about sustainability first from a friend who had been raised to be passionate about it. She showed me the basic ropes, teaching me how to recycle properly, learning about water waste, and introducing me to some plant-based recipes.

After watching an amazing documentary a year later, I decided to focus on a vegan diet. Nearly everything I cook myself at home is vegan, but when I eat out or travel I occasionally cave into some dairy, since it’s hard to find a filling vegetarian meal without it (for now!). I believe whole-heartedly in imperfect sustainability, and encourage everyone to “do their best”, whatever that is.

This blog is for you if you want the simple tips and tricks to live more sustainably and ethically, served with a side of a sense of humor. It’s for people who know a lot about sustainable living and want to share ideas, but it’s also for the people who know nothing, and want to dip their toe in the eco-friendly waters.

Follow my Instagram, @OatMilkLottie for the day-to-day tips and tricks, and in my DMs, there’s no such thing as a dumb question!

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