My Favorite Vegan Recipe Resources – Free and Online!

As Veganuary winds down, I don’t want to leave you resource-less as you head into the slightly-more-daunting task of eating fewer animal products on a day-to-day basis. These are some of my go-to websites for finding vegan recipes!

A note before I list them all out: I was not good at cooking before I started eating plant-based. However, a few years and several YouTube tutorials later, I take pride in the food I make! I’d probably still get Chopped because I cook with a fairly limited set of ingredients, but as long as I like the food that’s all that matters.

Crowdsourced Favorites:

I asked all of you on one of my Instagram stories who your favorite vegan recipe writers were, and here are the results:

Hope this helps! I also recommend investing in a couple of good vegan cookbooks to keep around the house for when you’re not sure what to make next.

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