Vegan Super Bowl Sunday Recipes

Plant-Based game day recipes that won’t get sent home with you

Obviously it’s a pandemic, so this post is in no way my endorsement of large gatherings and parties, but if you and a small group of masked or vaccinated friends want to get together to watch a stupid football game to feel a slight tinge of happiness, I’m not going to stop you.

Wait, woah, venting alert!

Last year for the Super Bowl I made buffalo cauliflower wings, and they were delicious, but they mostly got left alone by all the non-vegans I watched with. My mission this year, and in life, is to make delicious food that happens to be vegan. Therefore I present: my master list of vegan game-day party foods:

Impossible Burger Quesadillas

Using Impossible meat grounds this recipe is delicious and could trick even the most loyal meat eater! If you’re going full vegan (not vegetarian) then I recommend Miyokos Pepperjack Cheese.

Cowboy Caviar

This bean and corn dip is easy to make and a crowd pleaser! Recipe and photo are from the Simple Veganista.

A photo of cowboy caviar form simple veganista

Crispy Baked Avocado Fries

These are so yummy, and they’re not a “substitute” so people can just enjoy them as they are!

Buffalo Tofu Wings

These wings won over my dad, who is decidedly omnivorous, so I think they’ll be a bigger hit than last year’s buffalo cauliflower wings.

Hummus Pinwheel Sandwiches

A spin on the classic meat and cheese sandwiches with no substitutes! Delicious as a veggie sandwiches even for meat and cheese eaters.

Celebrate responsibly and go *insert team here*! No! I’m not above pandering!

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