Where to Buy and Sell Used Bridesmaid Dresses

*none of the brands mentioned in this post are paid partners

Weddings are an AMAZING celebration of love, and they’re so fun to take part in! If you’re lucky, someone you’re close to will ask you to be a part of their day, which typically requires you to wear a certain outfit or color that you may not already own.

For wedding party members who choose to wear tuxes, there are an abundance of options to rent. However, for renting bridesmaid dresses, the options are still fairly limited or unpredictable! (A couple of sites that have options to rent bridesmaid dresses are StyleLend and Rent the Runway)

When I had the honor of being my best friend’s maid of honor, I bought a dress that fit so well, but I’ll never have a reason to wear it again! I have two bridesmaid dresses in my closet that I’ve only worn once, and at some point in the next year I’ll need to decide my own bridesmaids and what they’ll wear, so I went in search of some more sustainable options for buying secondhand bridesmaid dresses, and re-selling the used dresses gathering dust in your closet.

1. PoshmarkIf you use my code OATMILKLOTTIE you can save $10!

  • Pros: Wider audience, people may be more likely to start there with selling if they’re less familiar with resale
  • Cons: Not specific to weddings, so you may have a more limited selection

2. Wore it Once

  • Pros: Pay a one time listing fee rather than a commission
  • Cons: Seems focused on wedding gowns more than bridesmaid dresses, no filter by color option

3. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

  • Pros: Extremely user friendly for both buyers and sellers, great filtering options by size, color, brand, and more!
  • Cons: Works like Poshmark, where you have to directly sell or deal with a real person. Fee for listing.

4. ReBridal

  • Pros: Fill out a form and if they want your dress they’ll buy it – great experience as a seller, and means that the selection as a buyer has been narrowed down to only high quality items
  • Cons: More options for trying on dresses for the bridal, more limited selection for secondhand bridesmaid dresses.

5. OnceWed

  • Pros: Wide range of selections, not only dresses! Some sellers choose to offer returns
  • Cons: Since it relies on sellers, filters are not entirely accurate

Bonus: Cant find what you’re looking for on these sites? A few new bridesmaid dress brands have sustainability and ethics initiatives for you to shop their new dresses. Check out sustainable and ethical bridesmaid dresses from Whimsy and Row or Reformation! Comment on my post on Instagram if you know other brands.

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