Sustainable Gift Guide!

I would appreciate you using the links in this blog to purchase your products, since I did my best to link either directly to the small business, or dual purpose my links so that you’re supporting TWO amazing small businesses at once.

As usual, please don’t buy anything you don’t need. These gifts are intended to be sustainable alternatives to something you’d be buying anyway, not something you consume mindlessly.

A couple of the links included are affiliate links; if you purchase from those I make a small commission – I would love if you used them! I will denote those links with an asterisk*

Sustainable Gifts for Beginners

  • A cute reusable water bottle – This one is linked from a VERY cute local shop in Madison, WI! If someone is new to reusables, a water bottle is one of the easiest swaps.
  • I love this collapsible silverware set from woman-owned Me.MotherEarth – It’s easy to remember to keep in a pocket or purse for any meals you get on the go.
  • Reusable produce bags – These are an easy swap for people to make once they have the tools! I linked these from the Tiny Yellow Bungalow, a small woman-owned store.
  • Small business Corvus Botanicals makes the PRETTIEST bar soaps. It’s a plastic-free swap that most people are happy to take on when they see how cute hand soap bars can be!

Vegan Stocking-Friendly Snacks

  • DELICIOUS small business Kween Granola Butter* is owned by one of the best, and it’s so yummy. They’re having some holiday sales, too! *Affiliate Link
  • Hippeas Snacks are a great alternative to cheese-flavored snacks that they may have had to give up with their plant-based lifestyle! They’re made with chickpeas.
  • UnReal Gems (or any UnReal vegan products) – UnReal make amazing vegan alternatives to all your favorite chocolate candies. I’m a big advocate of the dark crispy gems, and ate a bag ….. way too fast.
  • Maya’s Cookies is a delicious vegan cookie business owned by a Black woman whose business blossomed in 2020! I have tried the sample pack, which I linked, but I’m sure everything they offer is just as good.

Eco-Friendly Skincare Gifts

  • CocoKind is a low waste, woman of color owned, skincare business. Their vitamin c serum is the BEST and I use it every day.
  • Earth Harbor Ahoy Love cream cleanser*- Earth Harbor is a woman-owned, zero-waste skincare company. I reviewed them in my skincare IGTV – and I’m a HUGE fan! *Affiliate Link – You can use this link and code MERMAID15 for a discount.
  • Golde Papaya Bright face mask is a superfood exfoliating face mask from a Black woman-owned business that makes the BEST matcha and face masks.
  • Frosting by Kaike – Another amazing Black woman-owned brand, Kaike (pronounced cake) is a fun and sweet skincare brand. Frosting is a body moisturizer that people can’t get enough of.

Earth Conscious Gifts for New Home Owners

Sustainable Gifts for Pet Parents

  • I’ve written about the West Paw toy brand before in my eco-friendly pet blog post, but I’ll say it again here! I’ve linked the West Paw toys from a small business that majorly gives back to rescues in the area, Bad Dog Frida.
  • Grounds and Hounds Coffee company was a hit for my gift recipients last year, as every bag donates money back to rescue organizations.
  • Beer City Dog Biscuits is a wonderful company in Michigan, who uses yeast from a local brewery (that would otherwise be waste) to make dog treats! They also use the business as a way to provide meaningful employment to people with disabilities.
  • We use paw balm on our puppy all the time, so when I saw you could get it in a solid bar form from the aforementioned Me.MotherEarth – I was thrilled!

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